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governor brown is near yosemite the raging wildfire is threatening thousands of homes. and the fire scoents to threaten san francisco's main water supply. what city officials are doing now.
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well, good afternoon. i'm dave clark in for tori campbell. one of the largest wildfires in california history still threatening yosemite park this afternoon. the rim fire still growing in size but crews are making some progress in containing it. alex savidge is here telling us why the governor met with firefighters this afternoon. >> reporter: the governor is at the fire command center right now getting an update from crews. 3,000 firefighters on the front lines. they gained some ground overnight. they now have 15% containment but there are still a lot of homes and precious natural resources still threatened by this huge fire. >> i think we have what we need, but this is a -- kind of a daily, eferred -- every day we take a look at it. and i will certainly not hesitate to call president obama if i think we need more
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than we have. >> it's unreal. >> reporter: from the air you can get a sense of how big the fire has grown. this is new video from a national guard plane. the fire has grown to 150,000 acres of forestland. more than 4,000 homes and other buildings are in danger still and firefighters are also working to save two giant sequoia growths. >> those trees were up to 2,000 years old. we have the crews trying to save them. we'll backburn through them. put in sprinkler systems. >> reporter: the rim fire moved in to yosemite park over the weekend. although firefighters don't believe the fire will reach the valley itself. the bigger concern is controlling the southern and when edges of the fire to stop it -- western edges of the fire to stop it from spreading to other communities. >> there's a lot of folks that live up here. we're putting a lot of effort
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to keep the fire as far away as we can. >> reporter: meanwhile san francisco's ter supply is in jeopardy. flames are still moving toward hetch hetchy esvoyeur and crews are -- reservoir and crews are staged there. some people were able to return to their homes in grownland and they showed their appreciation. yesterday, president obama called up governor brown to offer up whatever federal resources are needed to control the rim fire and protect yosemite national park. alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. as the rim fire gets closer to the hetch hetchy reservoir, san francisco water authorities are filling area reserves before the supply is tainted with ash. ash has been falling. so far it has not sunk that far into the lick to reach the intake -- lake to rich the
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intake pump -- to reach the intake pumps. the hetch hetchy reservoir provides 85% of san francisco's drinking water. our team coverage continues. we have mark tamayo. you are monitoring the conditions that the firefighters are facing. >> temperatures have been warming up, over the past few hours, and right now we're talking about 81 around the perimeter of the fire. winds around 10 miles an hour. but some stronger gusts up around 4,000, 5,000 feet. winds will be a factor today. they were yesterday. the moisture level is coming down as you would expect this time of day, 28% to 32%. the satellite perspective once again, there's the smoke plume burning are the rim fire. that's the one constant extreme. temperatures this afternoon approaching the mid-80s. humidity levels right around 90% and winds around 10 to 20 miles an hour, that's in the forecast. also some more changes. here's our cloud and rainfall forecast. by tomorrow morning you can see
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some cloud cover to the south and showers developing. some of this activity could be approaching yosemite as we do head into tuesday afternoon and into tuesday night. the good news possibly a few showers out there. but the bad news could be accompanied by lightning strikes. that would be a concern with the possibility of showers developing. dave? >> thank you, mark. the rim fire in and around yosemite national park has burned down a camp that belongs to the city of berkeley. the tuolumne family camp is on highway 120 near grovedale. the u.s. forest service says it doesn't know of any buildings survived the flames. the camp was evacuated last tuesday. many in berkeley are heartbroken about it. >> it's very sad. it's a very sad day for berkeley. very dad day -- sad day for our community. we're all just really at a lot of right now, a loss for words in -- sat a loss right now, a
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loss for words. >> several strike from all over the bay area already on the front lines of the rim fire. this morning the san mateo county south strike team tweeted out this fire of their trucks. the team includes firefighters from redwood city, san core lows, belmont and woodside. you can find more photos of the fire at just check it out. look for the slide show under the top story section on the home page. new at noon, the sentencing hearing for william ayres is underway right now in san mateo. as many as 11 of his victims are expected to testify. the 81-year-old man entered a no contest plea to molesting boys during exams in the 1990s. ayres could get up to 20 years in prison. police in sowsh alameda county are warning residents about a burglary scheme that involves a woman and a snake
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scam. investigators think she may have struck again over the weekend. the person living in a home on moore drive in fremont says a woman came to her door on saturday. she told her that a poisonous snake was loose in her neighborhood and had bitten a little girl and that she and her coworker needed to go into the house to set some traps. >> you have to be aware of -- the people who are actually coming to your door, you know, and be careful about who they are and letting them in. >> well, that victim later realized the snake story was just a scam. her home was burglarized since she was distracted. there was a similar incident in union city last week. well, today is the first day of class for students in the oakland school district and the oakland police department is offer -- is offering advice how to keep kids safe. if your child walks to school, identify safehouses in the neighborhood so your kids know where to go in case of an emergency. when your kids are at school,
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officials say teach them to resolve problems without fighting and also to worst any bullying behave -- report any bullying behavior. >> communicate. if we see anything out of the ordinary, we'll send out notices. >> you should check in with an adult when you get home. and find a trusted neighbor to let kids come over in case of an an emergency. nancy skinner and dana vollmer are calling for equal a access to federal meal programs in the oakland un mid school district. the two just spoke in oakland. ktvu's brian flores joining us live now explaining the action they want congress to take. >> reporter: it's the first day of school for many. many students are going throughout their day hungry. a california lawmaker hopes to change that. school officials call it food insecures. in alameda county about 250,000
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school kids have it. >> what's worse is that over 4% living with food insecurity receive the low-income threshold and can to the qualify. >> reporter: the federal standard for a family of four to qualify is just over 42,000. but state and school officials say the cost of living is much higher in the bay area and state. so the call is for congress to take more rejunal looks at -- regional looks at this. >> we know it's less expensive to provide that same meal, say, in the state of florida or the state of alabama than it is here in california. >> reporter: skinner, who is introducing a resolution to congress, says that at the federal level, congress needs to look hat free and reduced programs more regionally. she says one-size-fits-all formulas does not work. >> we have many families in oakland, richmond, san pablo, whatever, that do not qualify and yet their income is not
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adequate to supply for their families all of their needs. >> reporter: another problem is a reimbursement from the grost which they say is just -- from the government which they say is just $3 above served. they are stretching every dollar to meet the nutritional standardsed. >> thy are struggling bringing in the $2.25 that we're asking paid families. they can't afford to do that. >> i family like we don't get enough school lunch because they only give us a little bit and the food is not hot when they give it to us. >> this sin cre nizzed the anally -- synchronized the application -- >> reporter: and they hope to work with the labor department to get the right numbers so more families and more kids are eligible for the program. live here in oakland, brian flores, ktvu channel 2 news. >> all right, brian. in about an hour from now, uc berkeley's newest chancellor will hold his conference and reveal a new set of programs
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and initiatives he says he wants to help the campus community imagine new futures for the university. well, now just two days away from the closure of the bay bridge, so the crews can complete the finishing touches to the new span, what cabs officials are say -- what caltrans are saying about the bridge bolt test. and president obama awarded a soldier from antioch with america's highest military honor.
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welcome back. engineers with caltrans say the steel rods and bolts on the new span of the bay bridge have passed some tests and are "cautiously optimistic the bolts don't have to be replaced." these are live pictures of the brick. the test began -- of the bridge. the test began on the bolts that are considered at risk of cracking. more tests will be conducted before the bridge opens next week. the tests were ordered after 32 seismic safety bolts broke back in march. we're in the final stretch before the new span opens to drivers next week. that means we're just days away from the five-day closure of the bridge. ktvu's tara moriarty explains what commuters need to know leading up to this wednesday night's closure. >> reporter: commuters should
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cross the bridge well before 7:00 wednesday night. that's when the chp will do rolling traffic breaks. >> the closure sucks for the commuters but overall, it will be better for them. >> reporter: melvin has been working on the new eastern span for years. he says by 8:00 wednesday night crews will close the bridge at both ends so they can realign interstate 880 with the new bridge as well as yerba buena island. caltrans will be paving, installing rails and striping lines. >> it will be worth the wait. definitely. there's a lot -- there's so much work that needs to be done just to transition over to the new bridge. >> reporter: ferries will be extended service, b.a.r.t. is adding limited overnight trains through sunday night. the new bay bridge is set to open the day after labor day at 5:00 a.m. then it could take up to three years to get rid of the old span. crews will have to dismantle it piece by piece exactly the way it was erected. otherwise it could risk a cats
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strosk -- catastrophic event. at the bay bridge toll plaza, tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. when the new span does open, gavin newsom will be there at the opening ceremony, as the acting governor. that's because governor jerry brown is due to be out of town for a family celebration. staff members say the governor made his travel plans when it appeared the bridge would not be opening on time. now, at, we have a special section dedicated to the new bay bridge project. it includes closure information and some alternate routes to get around. you can find it under hot topics at president obama today awarded the medal of honor to a soldier from antioch. the army says staff sergeant ty carter's bravery helped save other soldiers when 300 insurgents and outpost of 53 americans. that was in october of 2009. it was one of the blooddiest battles of the -- bloodiest
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battles of the afghan war. president obama spoke to cartary -- carter's children. >> if you want to know what makes our country truly great and what a true american hero looks like, you don't have to look too far. you just j to look at -- you just have to look at your dad [ applause ] >> he's the second solder from the same battle to receive this honor. two teams will face each other for the 34th america's cup title. new zealand took the win over italy in the final louie vuitton cup series. they won by the biggest mar sin of 3:20. that means that new ze land faces or raw -- zeeland faces or raw -- new zealand faces
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oracle. a shark sighting prompted a five-day closure and that beach oeched yesterday. there have been no siltings since a great white shark was seen at the beach several times last month. park officials say it's possible that shark was attracted to the waters after a baby fin whale washed you on the beach last monday. we started off the day with a lot of cloud cover, even some drizzle or it could have been light rain, kind of the hybrid mix. enough to wet the roadways and trigger the windshield wipers but looking out towards mt. diablo. a lot of clear skies. temperatures recovering nicely this monday afternoon. right now on live stormtracker, i can see some of the showers developing in southern california and they do have the flash flood watch posted for parts of southern california for today and into tuesday because that moisture is surging in from the south. we have the lower clouds. but as i mentioned beginning to
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mix up revealing partly to mostly sunny skies. current numbers are ranging from the lower 60s in half moon bay day in san francisco. a lot of 70s around the bay and the warmest locations around the 75, 76-degree mark on track to reach the mid-80s later on this afternoon. current wind speeds, you can see out of the southwest, 15 miles an hour ot fairfield, that will pick up over the next few hours. winds out of the south at 6 miles an hour. more wind reports for sfo, livermore and san jose. forecast today, clearing skies near the coast, fair skies. tomorrow warmer and then the extended forecast it will be mild to warmer. by saturday and sunday we're expecting a cooling trend. here's the moisture heading down towards southern california. high pressure to our east and this area of low pressure out to the north. we're kind of in between. as a mentioned, no big changes over the next few days.
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today will be a little bit cooler compared to yesterday's highs. here's the forecast model showing you patchy clouds. into the evening hours, the clouds regroup. the key change we're not expecting as much cloud cover we're gonna warm things up and hold things steady for the wednesday forecast as well. temperatures, these forecast highs should check in right about 3:00 in the a few hours. santa rosa goes with 80 degrees. san francisco, 68 and more lower 70s for berkeley, oakland and hayward as we head toward the southern half of the area towards san jose, gilroy, upper 70s to the 80s. livermore by the boardwalk, 78. a look ahead to the five-day forecast, a touch warmer for your tuesday, no big changes will be spilling out for wednesday. then we'll cool things off. by the weekend, you can see the temperature drop. it's going to feel like fall out there. in fact -- fall is about a month away. it feels like that.
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>> yeah. >> with the dropping leaves already and kind of the refreshing chill in the area. that will be the case coming up for saturday and sunday. >> very noticeable. >> you will notice that, especially a good 10-degree drop. >> thank you. breaking news coming in from brentwood, a traffic accident late this morning, sefndz several people to the -- sends several people to the hospital. this happened just west of king park on sand creek road. at this point, we don't have any official confirmation on the number of the victims but a witness tells us five people have been sent to the hospital. we'll keep tracking this and bring you are details as we get them. more rain expected today in parts of southern california and nevada hit by flash flooding over the weekend. now, outside of las vegas, officials made 18 swift water rescues yesterday. people in their vehicles were trapped by these floodwaters. in one palm springs neighborhood, residents watched
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the waters rise. >> the lawn is pretty much covered with water, the sidewalks. there's people literally swimming around the corner. thearles's a park that's so -- there's a park that's so covered with water, it's ridiculous. it's deep. a lot of water. >> the national weather service has a flash flood warning in effect for palm springs until tomorrow night. well, there may be some relief at the pump for drivers this upcumming labor day weekend. the latest survey -- upcoming labor day weekend weekend. the latest survey shows a 4- cent drop. it's down 20 cents compared to the same time last year. in the bay area, the average cost in san francisco, $3.90 a gallon. in oakland, drivers are paying about $3.77. in san jose, drivers are paying an average of $3.76 to fill up. new information about plans for the new san francisco arena for the golden state warriors. whether that project is on schedule and the major problems it is facing.
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all three stocks are up to strong starts but now the dow is down at least 15 points at 14,959. we'll keep an eye on that for you. also shares in south san francisco-based reigel pharmaceuticals tumbling. the company reported this morning an attempted asthma treatment failed to meet goals
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in a mid-staged clinical trial. based on those goals, they don't plant to study the treatment for asthma. plans to build a facility for the golden gate warriors, already behind schedules. the team could miss this date by 17 months. costs have gone up by as much as $50 million. the warriors are disputing the cost projections and say the arena will be ready for the start of the 2017 season. governor brown is thanking firefighters firsthand for their perseverance against the rim fire. the crews are staying with the governor as he surveys the damage the wildfire has done. we'll have a live report on that and how fire crews are gaining the upper hand tonight on the news at 5:00. we thank you for making ktvu
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your choice for news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. be sure to join us again at 5:00. we're also here for you at and mobile ktvu. at sizzler...
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alex paen: right now we need your help to locate the many children and adults who are missing. [captioning made possible by telco productions, inc.]

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